First programmed movements



In january i bought a Prusa i3 Hephestos and started learn 3d design, i thought about doing some gears for the elbow, i used openSCAD and it was perfect.

I changed the ropes from the elbow and now use gt2 belts because of the accuary and easy to use.

By other hand i fixed all the potentiometers to know the possition of every angle and did a short code about pick and place some object, in the future i’ll design an interface to did it easily.20160303_025810

I printed a master arm to control D.I.M.E.R so if you move the master arm D.I.M.E.R act as a slave arm so the mannual control it’s very comfortable. I found this arm at thingiverse and it’s a project from the university of Curtin.

Here’s my first video of programmed movements, i need to improve the accuary,

See you soon!