Improving shoulder accuracy

Hi everyone!

Since the last video (programmed movements) I’ve been thinking that had very little precision when lowered the arm. Analyzing the movement 20160413_151636discovered that the craft that i made with two aluminum profiles were fine for a pinch, but it turns out that after many hours of use rubbing causes a lot of wear.

So I took the piece that had previously made with profiles and put the shoulder directly attached to a spindle and this supported directly on the fork as you see in the picture.


Then I removed the motor shaft and designed one to print it in 3D. To put up with all the s20160420_140854trength to raise the arm, I made hollow. Inside is a metal bar I got from a printer. Besides pulling straps instead of ropes, this also gives a more fluid movement






This way is now mounted, with much more precision but still can improve a lot.



Here you can see the video I made with the new joint and then the video before the change, so it looks good the difference.

See you soon!