Horizontal movement

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few days before the OSHWDem still could not take the horizontal movement, so I was trying out some new techniques with the bad luck that one of the most essential parts broke. I tried to replace with two steel plates but did not have the same hardness.
For lack of time I could not make the vertical axis again, so i thougt to use a bicycle fork that was reserved for another project.

IMG-20151101-WA0002.jpegWith OSHWDem almost upon grabbed the angle grinder, I cut the part I needed and attach to the base.
With this new base it could move easily, with the bearings of the fork. Now it was time to think about how to move it… I knew I needed a powerful  low-speed motor to not move too fast.
Had an old engine of a broken printer that had long brought Geared shafts, and a further reduction designed with pieces of Meccano. To join this axis with the fork of the bicycle I used a piece made of aluminum foil.
At the end of OSHWDem I could develop a less noisy system, more accurate and consumes less energy (printer engine was 24 V and needed a power supply of 5 A).
For this I took a pair of gears with his belt and joined the shaft with aluminum sheets. I use now a MG995 360 degrees servo.
A greeting!