Electronic is responsible for receiving the signals we send, processes, and acts on the different motors to move DIMER as we want.

Shopping list:

Arduino Mega
2 9g servos
2 speed controller h10143
2 plate 4 servos / 1 contact
Several potentiometers 10k ohm
parallel port
Wire 1 mm section.
Data Wire
Parallel Wire
Power supply 12 V / 20 Amp
Power supply 5 V / 3 Amps
I used a usual joystick, I changed all potentiometers for a 10 k to have a more linear signals. The fact of using a parallel port is because i need to get six signals plus 4 power wires and parallel ports have 25 wires.

I put a parallel connection to plug and unplug the joystick, so we can transport it in a simpler way.

20151128_210305.jpgThere are two speed controller to change the speed of the windows motors. To send signals from the Arduino to these drivers I’ve had to use two servos 9g to rotate the drive potentiometer, then the current will go through the relay depending on whether the direction you want to activate the motor.

The power supply is 12V is for windows motors, while the 5-volt supply is to a common line of 5 volts to feed the servos, the Arduino and the joystick.20151128_210329.jpg

The signals to the servo from the Arduino are send from PWM pin. This data line will independently from the power line, to have less noise in the signal. Finally, the wires are fixed to the horizontal joints with flanges.

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