Before i start building had to have a 20151112_124822general idea, without many details, to get started. The first decisions were size, weight lifting, materials and forms.

I thought of adapting the size to my desk, so it was ideal to have a maximum range of about 120 cm. I wanted to pick up at least 1 kg at the tip and made out of metal, so I thought aluminum (given its lightness) and steel (for parts that have to withstand large forces).


Took me several days to decide forms. At first I wanted to do as most industrial robots, that could be folded right at the base to have greater reach and maneuver; but also wanted to make the most of everything i had at home so i decided to do a vertical axis as a crane and start joints at 40 cm height.



Then they began the sketches, done in pencil or pen in any free time I had during the following days. Notice drawing pretty bad: Pboceto modif