Step by step

Here you have the different steps of the construction of DIMER.20140910_205001

Step 1: Preliminary Ideas

How the  DIMER idea grews? Find out in this first step.

Step 2: Sketches several

First hand sketches to have a general idea of DIMEReje vertical modif

Step 3: Vertical Axis

DIMER construction begins, the first step is to create the tower that will support the weight.

Step 4: Joints

We continued development DIMER,
this step show you how to make the joints to the part of the clip.

Step 5:Wrist20150208_215339

How to create a claw that hold a lot of weight but accurately.

Step 6: Horizontal movement

Design of mechanism so that the arm can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This concludes the mechanical arm.20151128_210346.jpg

Step 7: Electronics20151115_235210.jpg

Now DIMER can move whatever you want to wherever you want. Next step is to put some potentiometers to know where it is, so i can programme it.


Paso 8: Update January 620160106_011635

Update made in Christmas

I changed motor drivers and placed two potentiometers to know the position of DIMER in any moment.