Vertical Axis

20141116_012535I used a base to anchor legs of a garden arbor and cut one aluminum profile 20 x 20 mm 1 meter long into 4 sections. I screwed these sections to the base and attach to a table, which in theory would be provisional.

I dismounted an old engine that was not working and took the housing, the two caps and the shaft (heating it with a torch you can take it out easily). As seen in the photos had to cut with the angle grinder to adjust one dish at 4 profiles had placed previously.


20150131_152651I took a steel plate, gave U-shaped and placed on top of the 4 aluminum bars looking down, so the first part of the vertical axis was ready.

The second shaft portion beginning with20150131_195706 the other motor plate and the housing, cutting four aluminum profiles 10 x 10 mm  length of 15cm and placing them inside the cylinder. to have much more resistance I put two X-shaped pillars at the base, makin20141116_195914g it tight.

At the end of this vertical axis i cut and placed another sheet steel, for attachment to pillars I used a Meccano brackets.